My intention for teaching yoga is to empower and inspire YOU to remember the true teacher within your own heart.

I have been practicing yoga for many years in various styles. When I first started I thought that yoga was just about perfecting a pose. That was until I met a highly respected Anusara yoga teacher Bridget, who inspired me to practice yoga in a different way – I tune in with my breath and allow my breath to connect with my body. I also listen to my body and allow my breath to create space for wherever my body needs. I love to practice yoga. It is when  I spend quality time with myself and  the way  I express myself through my physical body.

After my teacher trainingI realized yoga is not what poses you can or can’t do or whether your body is flexible or not. It is about the relationship with our own bodies. It is placing our bodies into a proper alignment with the breath, observing our inner bodies, minds and energy and accepting what is happening right now right here.  As a result, we will find inner peace and freedom of the body.

Combining all my knowledge from practicing yoga I teach from my heart. I teach a slow pace yoga that allows people to feel their bodies in the poses (slow is strong believe me!). I create my sequences and bring themes inspired from my life into my classes. Themes have the potential to go to the very heart of a yoga practice, allowing us to reflect inside and see ourselves more fully. They can touch the heart long after we leave our mats. Then, we will also increase our strength, flexibility and awareness. This is one of the ways to ‘knowing’ our body, mind and spirit.

I currently teach in the Beckenham and West Wickham areas and can also provide private classes for one-to-one, yoga for couples or for small groups.