Yoga Qigong Classes in Beckenham or Online

Why practice with Hsin?

In our yoga and qigong classes, it’s not just about exercise – it’s about something deeper and more personal. Here’s what makes our classes unique, come join our community.

  1. Themes that Matter: In our yoga and qigong classes, we explore topics that really mean something to you. Beyond the yoga poses, it’s an exploration of connecting with your feelings and thoughts..
  2. Your Well-Being Matters: I care about you. Your safety and how you feel are my top priorities. You can trust that I’m here to support you holistically, both physically and emotionally.
  3. Expert Guidance: I bring a wealth of experience with over 10 years of teaching yoga – I’ve got the expertise to make your yoga journey enriching. I’ll guide you and help you learn and grow.
  4. Intention for Classes: My primary goal is to help students cultivate body awareness. This involves guiding them to connect with their bodies through pose cues, breath work, and sensations.

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