Outdoor Yoga/Qigong in Beckenham/Bromely

Do you love outdoor yoga as much as I do? It’s a great way to connect with mother earth directly, hear the birds chirping, the wind was rustling the leaves in the trees, the breeze was touching our faces. The best part is to feel so good and refresh after outdoor Yoga. This is what I am saying that outdoor yoga is moon booster (endorphins and Vitamin D). It also improves our sense of self from feeling more happier to carefree and open. Sunshine yoga benefits your mental health.

Do you know our respiratory system actually resembles the shape of a tree? We breathe and exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with a tree. Come to join me to explore the healing power of the trees.  

Place: Cator Park, pre-registration and payment required. Sun is out and let’s move!!!

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Outdoor Yoga