Lockdown 2020

Since last week in our online yoga classes, we realised that everything is bursting into life even during this crisis. Life is everywhere we see. Can you feel the life force within? If so, we know we can’t separate from nature. 

Have you thought that this virus attacks our respiratory system? How often are we aware of our breath? Between our first inhalation and the last exhalation, there is life. Everything comes from the breath. 

It’s Earth day this Wednesday! The health of our planet is essential to me. Earth is my body; water is my blood; air is my breath; fire is my spirit. We are all connected with each other. 

All these messages keep coming to me, asking me to share and spread. I just wanted to remind you to join live yoga, even if we can’t physically be together, energetically we are. 

Feel free to share the link for whose may be benefit from yoga. If you have difficulties during this dark time please contact me.

PS. I made a short yoga video for while you are making tea. http://http://www.hsinhealing.com/live-virtual-yoga-classes/

Let go of fear; see the real beauty of life

One of my friends, Bobby, is doing the pilgrimage route of santiago de compostela. 
He said that only by #lettinggo of fear we can see the real #beauty of life. Everyday he walks more than 20km and every morning as he starts to walk his shadow is always in front of him. If the shadow represents the #challenge and difficulties, the real #courage is knowing that the road ahead is not easy but to still keep going. 
Many people don’t know what they really need before leaving so their backpack is full of supplies of fear and worries. On the way on the route, everyone will be forced to throw some items away, throw that away to reduce the weight of the backpack in order to continue moving forward. It is the same as our life, we worry about the future so our backpack is filled with baggage like fear, which prevents us from #livingfully
What’s in your backpack in life? Very #inspiring#beckenham#bromley #westwickham #egosurrender

My personal experience

I would like to share another experience. I have always known that restorative yoga is a practice that leads towards a more healing and recuperative experience but I never experienced it myself.  One day I practiced the tripod headstand and failed.  I was in pain and couldn’t turn my neck to the left or right too much. I put myself into a restorative position and focused on my breathing. My neck and shoulders area started to have unpleasant sensations rising up but I stayed with it and breathed through it. I can’t remember how long I had been in the pose but when I got up my neck felt free again. The passive yoga has wonderful benefits that are often overshadowed  by the popularity of the dynamic yoga. 

The quality about small yoga classes

As human beings we have a desire to grow, as a yoga teacher I am always trying to evolve, learn and grow. This means that I hopefully create a quality yoga experience for students.

My small yoga classes provide you with personal attention whilst you get to know me and it also allows me to get to know you. I provide a safe and comfortable environment and allow us to share our personal feelings and thoughts so that even if we may have different opinions we can respect each other.

Small yoga classes ensure you have the opportunity to bring up questions and concerns about your practice. This is most important as there is less risk of injury because I can spot if you are out of alignment. 

By choosing small yoga classes, you will be more engaged with your practice and are ensuring a quality experience that reflects the intentions of yoga. This is how I will offer classes from now on. If you have got lost in a crowd, why not join me a small yoga class and see what you can get from it.

What is relaxation?

Most people think of relaxation as being engaged in non-work activities such as reading a book, playing a video game or watching a film.  For me, the real relaxation is when body and mind are in a state of decreased activity in the sympathetic nervous system, decreased heart rate, blood pressure, brain wave frequency and metabolism and also letting go of all worries, tension and stress.

Relaxation is not simple and is actually a skill like mediation that requires practice. It is not something that just happens automatically. It needs continuous engagement and consistency in order for you to feel it. 

It is important to relax in order to rejuvenate yourself. Why not join for our Spring Clean – Restorative Yoga and Reiki Workshop (Sunday 24th March, 1:30-3:30pm Price £30, Karma Studio). 

In this workshop we are going to let go of our heaviness from the winter blues, and get ready to welcome spring blossoms. This will be done with the Restorative yoga approach guided by Chris, amplified by Reiki from Hsin to help release the old energy and receive fresh universal energy. 

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that transmits the Universe’s life force to a person’s energy system. Restorative yoga and Reiki perfectly balance together our body, mind and spirit. 

Passive yoga

The other day I had to take an early train to London which I haven’t done for a long time. I knew it would be packed because I used to do it everyday. However, I was in shock actually and felt suffocated. Everyone looked expressionless and numb. I wondered how long they haven’t connected with themselves and how long they haven’t looked after themselves? I always tell my students when they come to my restorative/yin meditative yoga workshops, “You are here to nurture yourself, it is not only you who will benefit but it is also a significant benefit for the people are around you”. When you feel good you can give from the place of fullness (higher vibration). Never ever leave yourself behind even if you have children.

Are we just saying yang practice does not nurture ourself? Well it does in a different way. Let me ask a question. How long have you maintained that yoga bliss after a class? From my personal experience I always stay with the magic longer when I do passive (restorative/yin) yoga. How about you?

My Yoga Story

I know some people think I am a serious yoga teacher. Yes, I am. The reason for that is that yoga saved me.

I had a car accident when I was 19 and my body was twisted. I had pains in my shoulders and hips. I used to bang against the wall to ease my pain until I met several amazing yoga teachers who put my body into a proper alignment with my breath. My healing started and yoga helped me and became my cure. Although the pain is never completely gone, I have learned how to connect with my body and mind through practicing yoga and this is where I am now.

If yoga can help me I think yoga can heal others too. That’s the reasons that I respect yoga (philosophy, alignment and pranayama) so much and this is why I take yoga seriously. That’s my genuine teaching style and I will always continue learning about yoga and hopefully inspire people too.