The Transformative Power of Teaching one to one

Finished teaching qigong and yoga 1-1 feels like discovering treasure within myself. It’s more than just #yogaqigong; it’s a profound spiritual experience. Most people don’t see this depth, but occasionally, someone does recognizesbthe souls behind me. For that, I am grateful. 
After the session this morning, I feel incredibly valuable, like I’ve found something truly precious inside me. Even if others don’t notice, I know there’s sth #magical happening. I thanks you who see the real me beyond the surface. The recognition is like a wam hug, confirming the authenticity of my teaching. It shows me that there are people who appreciate the spiritual side of #qigongyoga, not just its physical aspects. Their understanding reminds me why I love sharing this wisdom. I am touched. Thank you thank you thank you #🙏🏻#beckenham#bromley#southeastlondon

“Worked Anger and Frustration Towards the Builder Spreading False Reviews

I never felt so furious before. My anger and frustration bubbled up like a relentless storm. I felt unsettled and was on edge. Each deceitful action by the building company DoBuild Ltd. I felt like a personal betrayal, fueling the flames of my outrage and disappointment. Their dishonesty hanged heavily on my shoulders, as I struggled to comprehend how someone could disregard integrity and take advantage of others. Thanks to my passion for yoga and my background in counselling. I used yoga for releasing so much anger and finding clam to keep me centered when I saw his fake reviews. Moreover, my counseling experience has granted me a deep understanding of emotions, enabling me to process and express my anger in healthy ways. Thank you thank you thank you

My challenge from fake reviews

I have been the victim of several fake reviews by a builder who did a poor job for us. I wrote a true review about his work, I just hope that nobody else has to go through this horrible experience. These reviews are not genuine and have been created using different fake accounts. 

My classes are small and friendly. I know every student’s name by heart. I have never heard from, met or taught these ‘people’ who left these fake reviews . 

I understand how damaging fake reviews can be, and I want to assure the public that I take my reputation very seriously. I hope that the public have the wisdom to distinguish between genuine reviews and fake ones. I encourage everyone to look at my overall reputation and my work or even come to one of my classes to experience by yourself.  I believe that my actions will speak for themselves and am so grateful to have all of my current students’ support and love. 

Why conscious breath is so important for us!!!

Many people think that we are already breathing, why we need to learn how to breathe? Why do we need to practice breathing? Breathing exercises in yoga are only for stressed people? NO! Breathing is essential to our health and well being in general.  

Why do I put the emphasis on breath so much in yoga? Well… breathe less move slow live longer! Just observe a turtle and a dog’s breathing and movement and we will understand the longevity of the turtle.

We use conscious breath in my yoga classes. Firstly, the conscious breath brings us to the present moment. secondly, it allow us to be able to access different layers of consciousness. Thirdly, it affects the way we feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Conscious breath push through any emotional and physical blockages and gradually free the body and mind. That’s why we feel good at the end of our yoga practice. Furthermore, conscious breath relaxes and balances the emotion controlling areas of the brain. 

In yoga, conscious breath is the easiest way to train our prana. Breath and prana are not the same, we can still breathe but our prana is weak, for examples when we are ill. In yoga we use conscious breath or pranayama to train our prana. Once we can feel prana of the body we are able to direct the prana to our organs or different areas of the body. So Breath does matter! 

There is 3 elements in my yoga

My Yoga Studio

I’ve been teaching yoga for over 10 years. When I was a newbie yoga teacher, I followed the teacher training. As time went by, through my own practice experiences and ongoing trainings or workshops, I searched for the way to teach, and then I changed, grew and evolved. I was trying to find out what’s closest to my heart. Ask me what type of yoga I am teaching? I can’t answer, I don’t know. I integrate everything I know, sometimes it’s Qigong, sometimes creative movements, sometimes Chinese medicine. Recently, during my meditation, I found the answer and am now so clear that there are three core elements in my yoga :

Body (調身) Asana; movements, actions

Mind (調息) pranayama; breath

Spirit (調心) Observation; intention, attitude, witness and awareness

That’s exactly what I mean that Yoga is a way of life. We apply these three elements into our life whatever we do. That is how we transform our life. Practice and all will come. I just like to share this with you all. Thanks for practicing yoga with me and thank you my past, present and future students.

The thing that I learn from water

I’ve moved and haven’t felt settled into the place as we are having a few leak problems amongst others. Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand to make all the problems disappear. However, I was inspired whilst watching the water coming down the wall. It is so powerful, soft and flexible. What I have learnt from water? We keep moving towards our dreams no matter what challenges stand in our path –  just like the water always find a way to come into my home with its patience and persistence. As humans are 70% water, it is essential for us to survive too. However, that makes me think what if we can live our life like water?  

The way I teach my yoga classes

My intention is to create a safe space where everyone can share their own thoughts and feelings without judgement.

My yoga classes are not only about practicing poses but also lead you to turn inward to discover a deeper layer of yourself. I usually start with information or a theme regarding our life and then we can refer that to our yoga practice. The way we practice yoga is the way we are in life. Our personality, characteristics, habits and belief systems don’t just disappear when we do yoga. Then we set the intention to whatever resonates with you through your practice. Once we build up more awareness of how your personality shows up on your mat, you can learn and grow as an individual.

Monday morning Hatha 9:30 (Level 1) includes asanas, Qing gong and a focus on breath. In this class, we move pose to pose and hold poses longer to allow the breath to flow through our bodies. As we do that, we purify the body as a path that leads to purify the mind. The purification of the body and mind is essential also to our health. Being and staying healthy is a primal goal in yoga.

Monday evening Yang Yin 18:30 (Level 1-2) sometimes the class is designed to stimulate Chinese Meridians and most of the time is focused on listening to the wisdom of our body and inner voice. We start a slow pace flow (Yang) to warm up our body, working on muscles and blood. The passive (Yin) poses are held for longer, working on the deep layer of connective tissues and joints in the body.

Wednesday Morning Rise and Stretch 9:30 (Level 1-2) is the best way to start your day and to relieve any tension or pain from sleeping. I will guide you to working on creating the space for your body and lengthening the muscles to release tension.

Wednesday evening Yoga flow 18:00 (Level 1-2) incorporates slow pace movement through a series of asanas and is the best way to finish your day or after your work.

Saturday morning Align and Shine 9:30 (Level 2) is a style of alignment and heart based Vinyasa yoga flow and centred on alignment & heart-based practices.