About Me

I am delighted to offers counselling, Reiki and yoga service. They are taken into consideration a person well-being. The aim of the services is to help people connect the inner self, develop self-awareness, understand our essence and find the meaning in our life. These approaches offer to each individual to live a divine life in harmony with the inextricable laws of nature.

Counselling allows me to develop self-awareness, connect with my feelings and inner being. Reiki helps me to connect with the Universe and bring positive energy around me. Yoga practice is a way to find the stillness and freedom in the body. 

 I believe we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

I graduated with an MA in Humanistic Approach Counseling from Nottingham University. My dissertation involved interviewing a shamanic healer. Since then I have tuned concepts learnt from Shamanism into my Counselling work.

I was drawn to learn Reiki first and then became a Reiki master. I have passionately continued my journey to develop my awareness and grow spiritually.

My first degree is in social work. Before I came to England, I was a student counselor at a high school for 2 years and used to lead youth summer camps and 921 earthquake trauma workshops in Taiwan.

I have also worked in London for three years at the Chinese Mental Health Association where I was a freelance counselor, working with people who have gambling problems, depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, relationship issues, obsessive behaviour, bipolar, cross culture issues and life issues in general. I am now also a yoga teacher.

I tune my ability as a practitioner across many interrelated disciplines. This has enabled me to experience profound personal growth and given me the passions of my life.