Lockdown 2020

Since last week in our online yoga classes, we realised that everything is bursting into life even during this crisis. Life is everywhere we see. Can you feel the life force within? If so, we know we can’t separate from nature. 

Have you thought that this virus attacks our respiratory system? How often are we aware of our breath? Between our first inhalation and the last exhalation, there is life. Everything comes from the breath. 

It’s Earth day this Wednesday! The health of our planet is essential to me. Earth is my body; water is my blood; air is my breath; fire is my spirit. We are all connected with each other. 

All these messages keep coming to me, asking me to share and spread. I just wanted to remind you to join live yoga, even if we can’t physically be together, energetically we are. 

Feel free to share the link for whose may be benefit from yoga. If you have difficulties during this dark time please contact me.

PS. I made a short yoga video for while you are making tea. http://http://www.hsinhealing.com/live-virtual-yoga-classes/

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