Let go of fear; see the real beauty of life

One of my friends, Bobby, is doing the pilgrimage route of santiago de compostela. 
He said that only by #lettinggo of fear we can see the real #beauty of life. Everyday he walks more than 20km and every morning as he starts to walk his shadow is always in front of him. If the shadow represents the #challenge and difficulties, the real #courage is knowing that the road ahead is not easy but to still keep going. 
Many people don’t know what they really need before leaving so their backpack is full of supplies of fear and worries. On the way on the route, everyone will be forced to throw some items away, throw that away to reduce the weight of the backpack in order to continue moving forward. It is the same as our life, we worry about the future so our backpack is filled with baggage like fear, which prevents us from #livingfully
What’s in your backpack in life? Very #inspiring#beckenham#bromley #westwickham #egosurrender

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