The quality about small yoga classes

As human beings we have a desire to grow, as a yoga teacher I am always trying to evolve, learn and grow. This means that I hopefully create a quality yoga experience for students.

My small yoga classes provide you with personal attention whilst you get to know me and it also allows me to get to know you. I provide a safe and comfortable environment and allow us to share our personal feelings and thoughts so that even if we may have different opinions we can respect each other.

Small yoga classes ensure you have the opportunity to bring up questions and concerns about your practice. This is most important as there is less risk of injury because I can spot if you are out of alignment. 

By choosing small yoga classes, you will be more engaged with your practice and are ensuring a quality experience that reflects the intentions of yoga. This is how I will offer classes from now on. If you have got lost in a crowd, why not join me a small yoga class and see what you can get from it.

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