Passive yoga

The other day I had to take an early train to London which I haven’t done for a long time. I knew it would be packed because I used to do it everyday. However, I was in shock actually and felt suffocated. Everyone looked expressionless and numb. I wondered how long they haven’t connected with themselves and how long they haven’t looked after themselves? I always tell my students when they come to my restorative/yin meditative yoga workshops, “You are here to nurture yourself, it is not only you who will benefit but it is also a significant benefit for the people are around you”. When you feel good you can give from the place of fullness (higher vibration). Never ever leave yourself behind even if you have children.

Are we just saying yang practice does not nurture ourself? Well it does in a different way. Let me ask a question. How long have you maintained that yoga bliss after a class? From my personal experience I always stay with the magic longer when I do passive (restorative/yin) yoga. How about you?

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