1-1 Private Yoga & Qigong in Beckenham/Bromely

What is private?

1-1  means personalised classes designed for individual needs. Whether you are a beginner looking to alleviate self-consciousness in a group setting, seeking to deepen your practice, or simply prefer a flexible scheule, private sessions offer tailored guidance to your requirements.

For expecting mothers, 1-1 pregnancy yoga provides specialised support tailored to the jounery of pregnancy. Each pregnency jounry is unique, and this peronsalised approach ensures safe and effetive guidence with modifications to support the body during this transofrmative time. It’s all about empowering mothers-to-be on their individual paths.

To discuss your needs and scheduale an appointment, please reach out via email. Kindly note that payment is requried in advance to confirm your appointment. If you need to can cel or rescheduale, please contact Hsin directly with at least 24 hours’ notice. Cancellations or changes made with fewer than 24 hours’ notice will resuilt in the full fee being charged for the original appointment.